Recycled Look, or Recycled Lives?

recycled peopleImages of today’s world are all showing just how much we are into exactly that: an image. Everyone is so focused on what others see and think and they spill every drop of precious effort into an image to put on display, one by one, day by day, week after week. We walk the ego-soaked streets and suffocate the ground with selfishness, laying one narcissistic foot in front of the other. We make this trek on a daily basis; as soon as our alarm goes off, we wriggle out from under our sheets and let the carpet hug the soles of our feet. Upon reaching a mirror, the society that we live in starts speaking to us. “What do I wear? Does this match? Does this make me look skinny? Does it look too cheap? What will he think of it? Will she criticize me for it? What does this say? What will people see?” Piece by piece we answer these questions, exchanging sweat pants for skin tight jeans, a hoodie for a low cut, v – neck Hollister shirt. Girls cake their faces with layers of color, masking their authenticity, and replacing one beauty with a false one. Guys brush off their new Jordans and gel their hair back. With one last check in the mirror, the finally content – yet still on the watch – teenager feels ready to present themselves to the world. But one key thing that most people fail to see in their reflection is their self worth. That is because they are looking for it in the wrong places. We have all been put under the impression that we are here to impress and that our self worth is found in the response of others, but this notion is far from correct. We have to learn to see ourselves for who we are and not who people want us to be.. and not let the world paint the picture for us. A major source of this problem comes from the images others have successfully painted in their favor. For example, in the broadcasting of Beyonce’s Recycled Look, we find the (unfortunately) oh so common recycled mindset of ‘an image being everything’.
In an effort to get rid of this worm in the apple, being “different” has been accented.. Sadly enough this happened too little too late, leaving the less appealing to the eye cracked, broken, and shattered under the pressures of being what people consider ‘perfect’. Being yourself, and not being a copy has been trending, and originality has slowly been seeping through the cracks in the walls. Over time, this has hardened and sealed the slits, mending each broken soul, but nothing has been done to heal the minds of those weilding the weapon that tears through society, smashing the self esteem of the ones holding the magazines. Beyonce, while she is far more curvy than Ellie Goulding, is no more or less of a person than Ellie. But the comments and thoughts all wrapped up in a caption of the picture can lead one to believe otherwise. Ellie Goulding’s music is no less enjoyable than the songs Beyonce belts, but because her hips aren’t as wide, she needs to be called out? Why is it that we feel the need to compare one person to another, opposed to appreciating the separate qualities each person yeilds? No one person is the same as the next, so it makes no logical to sense to compare the two. You cannot conclude an accurate comparison with an unequal playing field. For example, in math. You cannot solve an equation if the two sides of an equation are not equal to each other. We are all individuals, and on a scale, we can never be set equal to each other, making it impossible to compare any given two of us. But this seems to be our first instinct. It is a shame that our first instinct is to judge, and to immediately wrap your fingers around the cold, hard butt of a gun and whip it from your waist, not hesitating to shoot down the ways of another, instead of simply lending a helping hand, or giving a high five that shows praise. What it is time for, is not another shopping spree, not for a make over, not a new pair of shoes, not even the new trend to be set. What it is time for, is a complete revival of self-esteem. We need to start a ripple effect and send a wave of self admiration and pride in your own individuality.
We have to send the message that a person in one’s self should be your definition of ‘perfect’. Curves and muscle definition do NOT define you. Real beauty lies within, something that an image presenting the superficial being of any human being cannot display.

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